Monday, March 24, 2003

One HELLEVA Weekend…

As I write this blog, sitting in my chair at work, I can honestly tell you that the past 3 days have been one of the best weekends of my life. I had some great quality time with my family, Lindi, Sarah, Jessie, My Niece Sarah, party time with friends and some relaxation. It was a well-balanced and delightful time.

Thursday was little Ms. Sarah’s 14th birthday, but we actually celebrated it on Friday, with dinner at Red Lobster and a party at the house, which she was completely and totally spoiled rotten. She also had the great pleasure of a sleepover with her sister Jessie (Lindi’s step-daughter from her first marriage to Jan) and the four of us played games and did hair and all the fun sleepover girlie stuff.

Saturday morning, the four of us went to breakfast while my laundry was running at the Laundromat across the street. The girls are earning money to go to Disneyland this June with Jan and her partner Merlyn, so laundry was in the deal for a little pocket cash. Afterward, we ran to my mother’s house to deliver her medications and then to see “Piglets Big Movie”, which was actually pretty cute. We ran Jessie home, then took a nap at Lindi’s before going to dinner with her parents at the Cancun Café.

Saturday Night, Lin and I met the “gang” at the Paper Moon, and I can honestly say, it was incredibly fun and wild, and everyone had a great time with No Drama, which can be quite rare. Dee and Charity (a friend from Logan) also had the pleasure of their stalkers attending, so I did my best to stay close by, watching their backs and flirting OUTRAGEOUSLY until they backed off.

The night was highlighted with:
Marshmallow Peeps being retrieved out of pants by my teeth (Hey, it was MY Peep and Rhonda-the-bar-girl stole it, I had to get it back)
Confessing my undying love to the DJ on an hourly basis (she played ALL of my songs)
Jell-o shots off of Rhonda-the-bar-girl’s tummy (SHE offered!)
Dancing wildly with... well… everyone…
Crushing badly on Heather-from-Logan (which was encouraged by Lindi because she liked to see me blush)
Hands in my blouse from… well… everyone…
Stripping off Cindy-from-Logan’s shirt (she had a “T” underneath), then stripping Charity, then stripping… oh shit, what was her name? (heh, heh)
Shots and more shots
“Closer” by Nine Inch Nails being dedicated to Lindi by me (courtesy of the wonderful DJ – see, flirting does pay off)
And Lindi driving me home, drunk but happy, waking up in her bed with the worst hangover either of us EVER had.
Sunday was breakfast with Sarah and Lin’s Mom at IHOP (HORRIBLE SERVICE!), pedicures and hair dying day, then going back to my home to spend the evening with my niece for her birthday. I don’t get to spend enough time with her, so every minute is precious.

Sunday wrapped up with watching the Oscars and relaxing to prepare for work today, which was well needed after the running and dancing and drinking.

Wedding plans are starting to come together, and Jennifer invited us to start planning at her place this week. I can’t wait to start seeing some of our ideas come to life. So, this week will be BUSY! I only pray I will have the energy to get through it all!


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