Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Saying My Prayers…

St. Patrick’s Day at Lindi’s house is interesting. Corned Beef and Cabbage and John Wayne in “The Quiet Man” is the tradition. Since I have never seen a John Wayne movie all the way through, I can say I quite enjoyed it.

After dinner, Lindi’s Mom was feeling poorly, and took her blood pressure and pulse. It was not good. Lindi’s Dad took her to the hospital, where she still remains in Intensive Care under observation. They have given her Heparin (blood thinner), potassium and Nitroglycerine patches to try to stabilize her blood pressure and heart rate. They have checked her cardiac enzymes (an indicator of heart attack) and are still unsure as to why her heart seems to be unstable. Remarkably, she feels fine now, but the doctors are taking no chances. In about 30 minutes, she’s having repeat blood work, more potassium and possibly a Stress/Treadmill EKG.

Please join in me in prayer and sending good energy to Lindi and her family.


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