Thursday, March 06, 2003

218 DAYS until OCTOBER 10, 2003

It's not because I have wedding plans that I hven't been blogging. I have actually been #1- very sick, and #2 - helping my parents settle their estates. Over the weekend of the 21st, I was in Cottonwood ER twice for shots for a migraine that started on a Tuesday and wouldn't let go until the Thursday AFTER. It was not pleasant, but Lindi was by my side the whole way, so it helped. I have been too stressed out, and by order of Lorene, I am not to do that again.

My mother got her settlement check on Monday, and proceeded to pay off the the house, car and buy me a DVD player for all my help. Our next project is renovating the house and getting my parents life insurance in order so my dad can officially retire. They are also buying a hottub with gazebo... can you say drunken hot-tub PARTY?!?!!

The date for the wedding could change, I was informed. Lindi's brother might be getting married in October, dammit. I'll keep you posted. If not October, then we decided on February. NOT V-D Day, thank you! It will give us plenty of time, and the colors will change to lilac and diamond white. Perfect!

HAPPY B-DAY to Grace, the biiiig 33. Hope all is great with you! Condolences to Toni and Rob, and I am happy to hear Bear is better!!!! Welcome home Lorene and Dylan, HUGS to Shane, Chet, Steph, Jenn and Dee!!!

Love to everyone, I will stay more in touch, I PROMISE!


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