Thursday, February 20, 2003

And The Wedding Countdown Begins
231 DAYS until OCTOBER 10, 2003

Amazingly enough, I have found my dress. It wasn't what I imagined in my head when I stopped into a little boutique off of Fort Union, but the minute I put it on, I was stunned. Beaded and long, with satin buttons from the back of the neck down the 3 foot train, gorgeous light cream material with an open neckline... and it was actually BIG on me! This little shop had everything I could imagine, and I had the best time trying on veils, crowns, tieras.... Of course, I'm not going to stop looking, but at leat I am heartened that there ARE dresses for brides over a size 8! Plus, this dress was an absolute STEAL at under $500! Still keeping options open. Need to take Lorene, Jenn, Shane and Sarah to see it...

So far, this is what I know: I want an Autumn wedding. October 10th is the best date (numerologically, seasonally, it's on a full moon - very important to Cancers, it's on a Friday, Lindi has a weeks vacation - absolutely perfect).
My colors will be all autumnal colors accented with royal purple and cream.
Flowers: I want cream roses, sunset roses, white carnations and wildflowers in my bouquet.
Rings: Already have the rings picked out (just need Lindi's ok on that). I still need to pick out the perfect ring for Sarah.
Ceremony: I don't really care about the reception so much, but I definately want to get married in a church (Episcopalian, Unitarian, Angelican...) or by a minister.
Reception: Lots of dancing and a totally RELAXING reception. If I had my way, everyone would be in shorts and jeans except the wedding party. Oh, and champagne and liquor. lots of it.
Pictures: Looking at photographers right now, but I am thinking of also getting a bunch of disposible cameras and having people take random shots as well. Those tend to be the best and funniest, especially given the friends I have.
Invitations: Haven't even looked, as we need to settle on a date. If the date changes, the whole theme of the wedding changes. ARGH!
Incidentals: Need to find toasting glasses for Lindi and I (one's that DO NOT SAY BRIDE AND GROOM) and Best woMan and Maid of Honour, cream colored netting and Jordan Almonds, Reception Thank You cards for the tables (to match the invitations), centerpieces (oh Gawd, centerpieces - how about a pumpkin?)... so much to think about...

So, INPUT!!! Toni, Stephanie, married or committed persons of all types, email me your thoughts ideas, centerpiece designs... whatever. What did your reception center cover, how much did it cost, who catered, etc.



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