Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Another Day in Oz…

The days seem to be flying by lately, not much time to catch up on sleep, medication or blogging. But, luckily, I have a minute and find myself full of information to share!

The Jazz game at the Delta Center on Wednesday was fun, and it made it better that we won. Well, we stomped them. On our way out, a 14 year-old girl had popped her knee of out socket while she was playing around and ended up in the walkway. Security had called the EMTs, but I couldn’t just let her lay there screaming… So I threw off my coat and got down there with her to help. I was able to get her calmed down by the time the EMT’s arrived, and I was so disappointed in them, I could’ve screamed. One offered her an ice bag. Ok, that makes sense. One offered to call an ambulance. That’s it. That was their extensive knowledge on the subject. I finally couldn’t keep quiet anymore and turned to one of them and said, “Well, we’re not going to stay in this position all night, do you have a SAM splint? An Ace wrap? Anything?” No, they carried nothing like that. Finally I convinced them they should get a wheelchair to help her father get her to the car so he could take her to the Insta-care - where they actually HAVE medical supplies. BRILLIANT! I held her hand AND supported her knee while we got her into the wheelchair… whilst the EMT’s watched. I couldn’t believe it. Remind me never to get hurt in Larry Miller venues. After all, you know this guy hires stupid idiot EMT wanna be’s…

Thursday was a wonderful evening spent with the beautiful Jennifer at Francesco’s. Very, very disappointing food, but the conversation and company were unparalleled. I am so proud of Jennifer for going back to school and for doing so well. I just wish she would believe in herself more to stand up to her stupid boss and tell him to give her a raise or go fuck himself.

Friday was a bunch of fun, meeting MaryEtta and Christopher down at the club to listen to two new live acts that Teinnamarie manages. (They are AWESOME!!!) It was a happy coinky-dink that we were there, I had planned to meet MaryEtta at the bar for a drink, and Christopher just happened to be there because of the band-thing. It was great to spend some chic time with MaryEtta, get hit on by beautiful woman twice my age and just have a good time.

Saturday I had an appointment for a recording session for Lindi’s Valentine's present. I recorded the song “There You Are” by Martina McBride as her gift. My voice was horrible, I must say. It was early morning, scratchy and I couldn’t quit coughing to save my life. The session manager, Joe, was so sweet, giving me throat drops and being very encouraging. It still isn’t up to my standards, so I ended up giving it to her early. She was stunned. She loved it, even the bad parts. I guess that’s unconditional love! I am still unsure of her V-D gift to me… she wanted 6 of my baby pics for some reason… and she’s giving me strange clues, like it’s red and white and fuzzy, but it’s not really clothing… I don’t know. She’s taking me to Red Lobster for dinner and then I am taking her to Build-A-Bear, then after that we are spending quality time with the kid.

What are YOUR plans for V-D Day?


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