Sunday, March 16, 2003

It's Amazing to Me...

Sit back, relax, and listen to me vent

I realize that I have been pretty self absorbed in my recent engagement and wedding planning, but certianly not enough to ignore recent comings and goings on the blogs. After reconciling a recent split in friendships in a pretty positive way, I have found myself thrown right back in Jr. Freakin' High where someone is the victim, feels wronged and is attempting to lash out at a friend of mine - out of unrecognized pain, immaturity and self-assuming importance.

It is amazing to me that this person has placed so much weight on what my friend did/has not done/is not doing... when this person proclaims absolute freedom from the situation. If you are free from something, why continue to wallow in it, justify yourself, make HUGE statements about statements that really aren't supposed to impact you at all - since you're free of it all....

It is amazing to me that someone who claims not to hate, who claims to walk away from friendships with respect and love for the time shared with another, continues to hold such unneccesary venom and who continues, while unsolicited, to jab at those severed friendships by making a fruitless attempt to hide their true feelings in their blogs.

It is amazing to me that while this person proclaims to have moved on, they certianly don't take their own preachy advice. If I had received an unsolicated email on a major news event after not hearing from this person for a few weeks, I would have simply said, "thanks" or maybe not have even responded. How do I know? BECAUSE I HAVE DONE IT. Could it have been more than it was? Maybe. But from someone who I know as an extreme analyzer and always looks for the "how am I gonna get hurt in this situation and how can I turn it around on the other party" in everything... It wouldn't surprise me if they put out a freakin' restraining order over it.

And, finally it is amazing to me that someone who proclaims to cherish free speech and is willing to listen to what others have to say... took 'comments' off their blog. What, too scared to have your own words pushed up in your face?

If you are reading this, and you are angry about what I have written, then it's because you have come to my blog in the first place. You found my presence to be too "energy depleting", yet if you are still coming here, you are doing so of your own accord. As you have so elloquently expressed on yours - this is my blog where I am free to write what I want. Frankly, I don't even know why you still come here except to reassure yourself of your own self importance and to look down on the mundane lives the rest of us lead. The rest of us aren't befitting of the wonderful insight you have given yourself through the unneccesary self-distruction of relationships where you have not been spoon fed and pampered. Grow the hell up. Become an adult and not some superficial superwoman who thinks that she is everything to everyone. The rest of us have gotten over it. Maybe you should too.

Oh, and you are free to leave a comment because I DO welcome criticism openly, I don't just talk about it.

And, please, don't ever claim to know anything about any of my friends. You have been a surface relationship at best. The rest of us have been through fire together, faced death together, cried at weddings and funerals and babies together for the last 15 goddamned years. If you think that a few months of your precious time impacted it all so greatly, you might want to reconsider. Remarkably, we are all still breathing, laughing, crying and celebrating together. Amazing that we can do that without your influence.

That, my dear, is what happens when you are a true friend.


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