Wednesday, March 12, 2003

212 DAYS until OCTOBER 10, 2003

Shane and Jenn met me at Mary's Bridal last night to go over my dress, pick a headpiece, hair style, etc. Shane is fabulous, can I just say that? Open to suggestions, gently guiding me toward things that were more suited to me, he is a God-send. And Jenn's suggestions were well thought out and quite beautiful. What a team! I was the envy of every bride in the room, having my Maid of Honor AND a Stylist. It was great. I will put a deposit down on the dress on Friday. Whut Whoo!! Check it out on Shane's website!! Comments??

Jenn, Shane and I went over ideas for the theme of the wedding. We are going for all autumnal colors accented in Dove White. Not sure if purple will be a part of it, we'll see. Food - still up in the air. Cake - haven't decided. Invitations - Shane's got some great ideas for those. We are gonna have a couple more meetings before major plans start to roll on...

Maid of Honor: Jennifer
Best woMan: Deanna
Couple's Attendant/Ring Presentor: Sarah
Flowers Girl: Jesse (Lindi's other daughter)
Connie's Attendant: Lorene
Lindi's Attendant: Lisa
Guest Attendants: Dee and Bill (Lindi's Brother)

175 on the list. 100 invitations to go out. Probably about 60-75 people will actually show. Nice. Simple. Most will come out of curiosity. lol.

Still up in the air. I have an idea what we want to walk down the aisle to. Plenty of time for that, though.

STILL SO MUCH but I am very excited and very happy. I'll keep you posted!!!


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