Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Lindi’s Mom went home last night. Her Thallium Stress came back beautifully and they came to the conclusion that the low levels of potassium somehow interrupted the regular workings of her cardiac muscle and gave her a brief arrythmia. She’s home, safe and sound, resting. THANK YOU for all your prayers and energy, it worked miracles!

Tonight, Lindi and I are meeting with the Unitarian minister about the wedding. It has given me some time to think about my spirituality and expressing my love of others. I can think back to when I was teaching Sunday School and how much I loved working with children, teaching and guiding and learning from them as well. It was one of the happiest points in my life.

To this end, I have given considerable thought to going back to school to obtain my Bachelors of Theology. Even further, when we meet tonight, I want to discuss service to the church. They certainly hold my ideals and I think I would not only learn a great deal, but others have told me how I should be teaching – something I have always dreamed of doing. I feel at peace when I am in the presence of those who have a true faith that guides them. I know how my faith and spirituality keeps me grounded, I would love to help other with theirs. The Unitarian church is certainly open to a woman minister, and I hope I could provide a shoulder for those in the gay and lesbian community looking for a peer.

So, I am thinking of becoming a Unitarian Pastor. I will keep you posted as my spiritual journey takes on life!


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