Friday, April 11, 2003

Catching Up... On LIFE...

First off, let me say this: I WILL MISS YOU.

I am in the process of learning how to allow someone to make a mistake, stand by altrusitically, and support them unconditionally. I always knew I could love someone that way, but to stand back and be a friend and allow them to make a huge mistake without saying anything is another. And to be cut out of someone's life, all the while knowing it hurts them as much as it does you, doesn't help.

But as a wise friend told me, sometimes you have to let go of your past, even as friends, to find your future. So, I am staying positive and redirecting my energy where it needs to be - into me and into the incredible partner I have chosen.

My last gift will be the same as the first gift given over seven years ago: Roots and wings. I love you, and will miss you, and hope God shines light and love on your path.

This Weekend...

is shaping up to be WONDERFUL. Lin and I get to pend the entire thing together, the better part of two days without parents or children, just her qnd I. We need to reconnect on many levels and I can't wait. Tonight is shopping and dinner and tomorrow night is a party that I have been anticipating for quite some time.

And the Dada...

has pnemonia, but is getting better. 2 antibiotics, oxygen machine and rest. I am glad they caught it in time, or he would be in the hospital. As it is, he's just pacified with driving my Mom insane. PLUS: They paid of their house yesterday, early! CONGRATS to Mom & Dad!

Wedding Update... 182 Days and Counting

Booked a reception center in Taylorsville, hella deal. Turns out a friend of mine got married there PLUS her in-laws own it! Her father-in-law cut me a friends and family deal to use both the indoor AND gorgeous outdoor sections for $550. He doesn't care what we do, literally. We can bring food have 10,000 people, whatever, and we don't even have to clean up! The only thing he asks is that the wine be served from the kitchen, and the only thing we have to clean is the kitchen and bag our trash. That's it. He will take care of the rest. Just so you know, most places were TRIPLE that! So, this makes our budget much more reasonable. Now, I can start getting excited!


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