Monday, March 24, 2003

Reason 1,288,738,957 Why I Love My Friends

I received an email today from a close friend I have had since, well, birth, inviting me to a party to support the Gay and Lesbian Community Center. I had been concerned lately concerning her. Some recent controversy put her in a bad situation, with her partner being close to someone who I no longer associate with. When a couple has been put in a situation like this, they tend to exclude people from events so as to spare feelings. Granted, I haven’t spoken to her about it at length, but her wonderfully upbeat attitude and positive voice makes me believe again what I have always known – you can’t break up family. Blood will always be thicker than water.

Her influence in my life has been tremendous, and while our lives seem to come together and then separate for a time, I know she will always have my back, as I will always have hers. There is nothing that anyone could ever say to me to make me turn my head away from this lovely woman. Her integrity is some of the finest I have ever known and I can only aspire to reflect some of her presence in my own life. She is encouraging and funny, and makes me think – which can be difficult for me – since she makes me think of the big things.

I love ya, Steph, and am looking forward to seeing you soon.


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