Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Modern Day Hero
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Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, is standing strong on his declaration that same-sex couples will not be discriminated against in San Francisco. "America has struggled since its inception to eradicate discrimination in all forms. California's Constitution leaves no doubts; it leaves no room for any form of discrimination... a barrier to true justice has been removed. A barrier removed for one person is a barrier removed for us all."

And he is definitely taking the heat on this one, too. Many are saying he cannot declare the city of San Fran must recognize anything, that this is a case for the courts... the Mayor can't enforce his own will. But others are saying that is exactly what a Mayor is supposed to do - and if he gets away with it, every town across the nation can do the same thing.

Today will be the day when we will see if the marriages performed over Valentines Weekend, for same sex couples, will hold. I'm crossing my fingers for him, and for gay rights.

Good on ya, Gavin.

Jason wasn't too impressed with the guy when he first took office, but the way he is personally attacking discrimination, and supporting his gay and lesbian constituents, is declaring the man a forerunner of equal rights for gays. He is married to Kim Newsom, the ADA who prosecuted two owners of dogs who mauled a lesbian to death on her own doorstep, People v. Noel and Knoller.

It really gives me hope.

And if the courts turn the tide and un-do the I'Do's?

"It doesn't matter what the courts do -- I was married for a day in San Francisco,'' said Maylene Kuahiwinui, 26, who hugged her partner of nine years, Charity, also 26, before pointing their van back toward Seattle on Monday.


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