Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My Goodness.
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I don’t blog for a few days and you would think the whole world has come crashing down! Well, let me give you the recap.

Saturday was Sarah’s 15th birthday. She had been previously spoiled all week long, and it continued on Saturday when her mother and I took her to get a cell phone. Now, to be fair, she saved most of the money herself, and she did get a Cricket with Unlimited everything, so we aren’t worried about her racking up some horrendous bill. And, also to be fair, she is gainfully employed, and we estimated that with only two shifts a month, she can pay for her service. I am sure I will be criticized for the decision, but hear me out on it.

First of all, to have a cell phone, she needs to have a job. We aren’t paying for her service, even though it helps us a lot in finding her, tracking her down, etc. We also have a rule about working – in order to work, her grades need to be above C’s. So, by rule of consequence, to have her cell phone she needs to get maintain a C or better in all her classes. Right now, she already has that, and most of them are A’s. I am not worried.

Personally, I think it builds responsibility. Do I think a 15 year old needs a cell phone? Not necessarily, but it is helpful when the 15 year old has two mom’s that work full-time, and sometimes, overtime. Plus, we have established rules when it comes to the phone – times it is turned off, requirements of it’s use, and a “two strikes” deal – if I or Lindi call and she doesn’t answer the phone after two attempts, the phone is confiscated until further notice. If the phone gets lost or stolen because of her bad decision to take it to school, then she replaces it. If it is taken away by her teacher, then it is her responsibility to do what is required to get it back.

I think the respect and trust of her parents will make a difference in her attitude as well. I have noticed she seems much more likely to do things for us without complaint and is already more attentive to her chores. Since we are treating her as more of an adult, she’s rising to the occasion.

Sunday was a wonderful day as well – birthday party at my parents for both my Niece, Sarah (born on March 22nd), and my daughter, Sarah (born on March 20th). We had a cake with both of their names (“Big Sarah” and “Little Sarah”), presents, KFC, and a great time for everyone.

I started getting a headache at the birthday party. I should have known a migraine was coming. Seriously. I had been sleeping a lot, it was getting warmer, I seemed to be worn down. Yeah, perfect migraine conditions.

I woke up on Monday and just didn’t feel right. My stomach was cartwheeling, and my head was throbbing. I called in sick and spent the day with my honey bunny, as she is on vacation for the next week. We piddled around, and I stayed in bed most of the day. When Sarah came home that evening, the two of them got to work on the other half of her birthday present – new purple paint for two of her walls! They moved furniture and painted – it looked beautiful. It’s hard painting wood paneling, but they did a pretty good job. I fixed dinner (Italian Noodle Casserole) and we relaxed for the evening.

Tuesday morning, the migraine had hit full force. I dragged my ass outta bed, threw on some clothes and had every intention of taking Sarah to school and then dropping into a Lortab induced coma. Lindi stopped me, sent me upstairs and instructed me to take my medication, call work and go to bed. She took Sarah to school, came home with breakfast, which I ate very slowly, and she held me until the migraine was gone.

About 10:00 am, I had the weirdest experience. As I was drifting in and out of my drug induced heaven, it felt like someone placed a large hand down on my head and pushed it – like that little bubble thing from the Trouble game. Pop, pop! Pop, pop! At that moment, every muscle from the top of my head – down my neck – down my back released and my pain was completely gone. All I could think of was the praying I did sure paid off.

Tuesday ended up being pretty productive. Lindi and I did a little shopping and bought some paint for the bathroom (bright white) and got some ideas for our bedroom. We also dropped by the Cricket store and got me a new cell phone. I liked AT&T, but they were waaaaay too expensive. Cricket is fine for now, and my phone rocks the house, it is so cool. Now, Sarah can text msg me anytime she wants. Handy and helpful.

So, that brings us to today. All the hard work paid off when I came in today and was not as buried as I normally would have been with missing two days of work. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to do, but I am planning on a little Overtime to help out with that. Good thing about Overtime, it cancels out my used sick time, so I may end up just making up the hours I missed altogether. Now, that would be nice.

I am grateful Lorene and Dylan got home safe and sound. Looks like we’ll be taking baby kitty number three sometime soon – Mr. Clover the long haired Siamese – another one of Lorene’s rescues who is fixed, shot and only needs a bit of dental work, which Kjori is taking care of for us. I am really excited. We had such wonderful luck with Mister Valentino, I am sure Clover will be the same. Now, Miss Kitty will be pissed, I guarantee you that, but she’ll get over it. She and Mister V love each other now. I will need a new kitty box for “the boys” since they naturally smell stronger than Miss Kitty, and she already hates Mister’s scent. And possibly a new litter…or something to help control the odor. Any Suggestions?

And no, Toni, I don’t hate you. I just think your nuts.


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