Friday, March 26, 2004

OK Toni....
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You posted your feelings about this bill being passed. Basically, it makes it a seperate crime if you harm the fetus of a pregnant woman during the commission of a crime.


"And people who don't think this is the beginning of religious established government controling women's bodies and choices SCARES THE BEJESUS OUT OF ME. "

I don't.

What it is saying is that if you harm a pregnant woman during the commission of a crime, be prepared to face charges for the assault against the fetus. What is so morally wrong with that? If a woman choses to carry a child, that child should be protected. I know the argument comes down to "cells" vs "baby" and all that lot, but it's not preventing anyone from getting an abortion, it's not telling a woman what to do with her body. It's warning others to respect her rights and the rights of the child that she has chosen to carry.

How does that infringe on the rights of the women who want an abortion? It doesn't.

Basically, Toni, if you don't plan on beating up a pregnant woman with a baseball bat, then don't worry.

Okay, let the comment war ensue.


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