Tuesday, March 16, 2004

What A Morning...
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The response this morning at work has been incredible! The Coffee God, my co-workers, everyone is loving my new hair! Since I had to get up earlier so Sarah could show me how to do a funky part, I took the time and put on my full face of makeup, too. I am sure they are wondering what the hell happened to me.

"It makes you look 20 years younger! I am not kidding..." Well, that would make me 12. Whut Whoo!

"CUUUUUUUUUUTTTEEE!!" (this was the first response from about 5 of my co-workers)

"Who is sitting at Connie's desk?" (the lady kiddie corner from my cubicle to another co-worker)


"You're, like, a whole different person! Wow!"

"Is that the same girl?" from my boss.

And, the bonus in all this, more people are learning about Locks of Love. How very cool.

I'll have to take another picture today when I get home and post it here. The style looks a lot more like the magazine picture, and I don't look so washed out and pale this morning. Amazing what sleep and a little Mary Kay can do.

My mother didn't even hate it. She loves my long hair, and every time I have cut it to my shoulders or shorter, she has freaked out. But she really, REALLY liked it and especially loved the purpose behind it.

My fingernails, though... well, that's a whole other story. She doesn't relaly care for purple with pink flames...


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