Thursday, April 01, 2004

Happy April Fools Day...
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I don’t know what to do with days like these. It’s rainy and overcast, so, naturally, I overslept. There is nothing like sleeping in a nice warm bed while it’s drizzling outside in all it’s sense of peacefulness… until you realize you have exactly 13 minutes to get up, get ready and get to the bus stop for the 7:11am trip into the city. Shit, shit, shit.

I finally got my ass to the stop, just missing the bus. Shit, shit, shit. I waited patiently for the next one (20 minutes later), getting soaking wet, and attempting to enjoy a morning cigarette, which failed miserably.

The highlight of the missed bus was the bus I actually rode into work on… the 7:39am. The bus driver greeted me warmly and I smiled and returned the greeting. Now, keep in mind, my father is a bus driver. He is a nice guy and everyone loves my old retired-dad in his second career. But not all bus drivers are this way. I have encountered some that just… gimme the creeps. I make it a point to greet them happily and thank them when I depart as a courtesy. It’s a rough job sometimes.

Anywho, this operator was very nice, and as we went from stop to stop, and more people boarded, I noticed how many patrons he knew by name, asking them “How’s your daughter feeling?” and the like. Slowly, as the bus gathered travelers to go downtown, this empty bus became filled with chattering, friendly people who all seemed to know each other. It was almost the feeling you would get on a community bus or an old school bus… people who were looking for each other, saving seats and poking fun at one another.

So, I came to the conclusion that I was meant to miss my bus and to ride with these people... to uplift my soul just a little bit and to remind me that there are happy people in this world, who enjoy riding the 7:39 downtown, even when it’s raining. They have things – people – to look forward to.

*`.`**’..`~*`.`** *`.`**’..`~*`.`**`~ *`.`**’.. `~*`.`**`~ *`.`**’..

So, now at work 11 minutes late, I enjoyed a chocolate milk and am going to pop two Aleve to get rid of my nasty headache. And pray this day goes by quickly.

My boss came over to my desk and asked me if she could borrow one of my Happy Bunny stickers. For those of you who don’t know who Happy Bunny is, he is an adorable white rabbit cartoon who says the sweetest things. Some examples:

“It worries me how dumb you are.”

“You suck and that's sad.”

“Boys lie and kinda stink.”

“Since your gross, shouldn’t you be smart?”

"You make me throw up a little."

I have a few up in my cubie to remind me to not take things so seriously.

But when the boss asks me to borrow one, I have to worry that I am gonna get slapped with some sort of harassment something or other because of their content.

Instead, she copied the character and wrote a little “Hooopy Easter” certificate for all of us for a “Jean’s Day”. *Whew*

I have noticed over the last couple of days just how dim some of the bulbs are around here. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my job, and I love my employer, and really do enjoy the working environment here. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a job as much as I have here. But, man, sometimes I feel like I am the only one who uses logic around here…

For example:

While standing at the copier with a 3-inch think stack of papers… “So, do you have a lot to copy?”
No. I am doing my daily cardio lifts. And one and two…

While yawning quietly to myself… “Yeah, I hear ya.”
What? What exactly did you hear? I wasn’t even talking.

While typing away… “Is your computer down?”
Um, yeah, I type like this to keep the blood flowing to my fingers while I wait for the screens to come back up. Maybe I can burn out the keyboard and go home.

While eating lunch at my desk, during the lunch hour, with my sign up that says “At Lunch”… “Are you at lunch, because I have a question…”
No, I am not at lunch. Ignore all the signs and all the clues to the contrary. It’s just meant as an obstacle course to keep your mental acuity sharp, Sparky.

“Where is your In box?”
Um, the box on my desk marked “Inbox” would be my first assumption…

“Can you look at this? (pointing to a piece of paperwork in hand)”
Physically, yes. I can physically look at that piece of paper. Mentally, I will kill you if you keep coming to my desk with stupid ass questions that I have answered a hundred times.

While telling a coworker that I own both Josh Groban CD’s… “You must really like him…”
No. Actually I fear him. He is the Anti-Christ, and I will listen to his music out of fear for my life.

Or my complete and total favorite…

While talking to my boss about how many accounts I had completed that particular day, I said, “Yes, yes, I am Goddess, worship at will.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Filing-Boy comes out of his cubicle and says, “Are you wearing metal?”

What an odd question.

I replied, “None that I would tell you about.”

My boss and 3 other co-workers (all female) burst into laughter. He stuttered and sputtered that he’d only meant that my blasphemous remark might make me a target for lightening… but it was lost… I left on that note because, well, there wasn’t much else to say.

As of yesterday, I have a new cubie mate, and I think we're gonna get along just fine. She's a cute African American girl, who is friendly and wanted to know all about Lindi the very first day I met her. She was telling me about her friends Vanessa and Patty and their realtionship... and it was kinda nice to be accepted immediately.

She came in today and apologized. She said that she had done to me what she HATES being done to her. "Oh, I have a gay friend" = "Oh, I have a black friend". I smiled because I didn't make the connection. But interesting thought.

Oh, and I have to make Koloudia… Greek Easter Cookies… this weekend. Hey, Maine, I will send you some if you give me your address. I know how you have a pension for Greek food from Greek women…


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