Wednesday, March 31, 2004

In Reflection...
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What an interesting day we had here yesterday, chil'ren. The comments were hot and my temper was hotter. I did some reflective thinking last night about this blog, and my role in the blogging circle I am in. I think it was Gord-o who told me to examine my own behaviour. Okay. I did.

With the help of my bestest friend and psychologist, I came to a few conclusions.

"I thought your blog was very insightful and to the point, but do you feel totally comfortable with using your PERSONAL blog to attack somebody whom you don't know? I am not saying I agree... but I think you are expending too much of your valuable energy defending yourself and your relationships when you should not need to defend anything."

You are so right. I have been focusing on the defensive soooo much that I forgot that the other half of the battle is attack. Organize, educate and then attack the problem. Arguing points that won't convince anyone of anything is a complete waste of time.

"Your relationship with Lindi and Sarah is a beautiful commitment and it is not anyone's business as to how beautiful it is."

I just feel like if people knew how truly amazing it is to be so in love with your spouse, maybe they would understand why it is such a deplorable situation we are in - we should be recognized because of our level of commitment, and I just want to show the whole world why.

"Spend your energy, your very VALUABLE energy, fighting the war against those that can change it..."

I have come to realize that I am probably the first completely out and proud person a lot of Utahns have met. If I can show them I am normal, just like everyone else... that my marriage is the same, just like everyone else... that I care about, protect and take care of my daughter just like everyone else... the tide will start to change. If the experience Utahns get from meeting me and my family is a positive one - one that makes them think twice before cracking a gay joke or condemning other gay and lesbian couples - then the battle is being won. Lindi and Sarah are worth it. You have to be the change you wish to see in the world. But, again, you are right. I need focus.

"Don't play blonde, it is not a natural color of yours."

Yes, Ma'am.

Thanks, Yogi.


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