Friday, April 23, 2004


Drink of the day: One cup of Caffeine
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I will hop on the boobie post here for a minute too. I plan on returning to get the real guest post in later on today. Its really fucking early, and I havent had any breakfast yet, but I cant ever resist talking about the boobies.

In my years I have had the pleasure of knowing quite a lot of members of the opposite sex who also had boobies. Each of them had their own good points, and actually, each of them had NO bad points. Come on. They're boobs.

A cups, B Cups, C cups, D cups, even the Dubba dubba dubba D's (2D) are all great. You almost HAVE to stare sometime. Either they are hanging just right, nipply in the cold, maybe they are hiding behind some semi sheer material.. maybe they are perky, maybe they are hanging pendulously and swaying with some unseen force of nature. They just beg you to stare.

If guys had to wear wang bras then I would fully expect people to glance at the wang and even sometimes stare. If you went out and purposefuly accentuated the wang, then expect people to look. And dont get offended. Like the boobie, if you put it out there for all to see, dont get offended if people look. NOw, if they grab, make comments, or generally do other unacceptable stuff, then by all means, GFN. (sorry, go fucking nuts). what would they be called anyway? Wang hangers? Wang Bras? Could society even survive such an upheaval in clothing evolution?

Now, this is not to say that some people take care of their boobies though. I have seriously seen some neglected boobies. I have also seen boobies that look like they hadnt ever seen support in their entire existence. So, you gotta care for the boob. Keep them supported, let your man or woman touch them as much as they like, and they will stay nice. Same thing with the wang if thats your thing. Gotta care for the wang.

JUST dont ever be that 45 year old redneck woman in the mall wearing the yellow tank top and pink shorts with the unidentifiable stain on them and not wear a bra. It doesnt matter if they are A's or D's, that just desecrated the greatness of the boobie. Mullets also do not accentuate the breasts. Come to think of it.. Dont be this guy Ted Mayo either.. he represents something No guy should ever do. Wear short shorts and no drawers. Your bag doesnt need to rest on a seat other people use. Seriously. Stay away from his cubicle. Guys... Never do this. Its bad for the wang image.

BUT, it brings up another point. I have this theory, and a few people have agreed with me, and a few people have disagreed with me on it. And its a shallow theory, based purely on aesthetics alone and not personality. But the theory is, if you look long enough, you can find something attractive about MOST people in the world. Now, there are a few who cant be helped, but generally speaking, I can walk in the mall, or at an amusement park and find something moderately attractive about just about anyone you might point out.

Back to the boobies. If your boobie bearing partner happens to have kids...there's a chance that the sex can gets a million times better. The boobies also become much more involved. I will try to keep this PG, as I know people dont want to read about other bloggers sexcapades, but my personal experience has been that after the kids, things have gotten WAY better. People who say kids get in the way just arent creative enough too. So, on a scale of 1-10, sex before kids was like 9, grading on quality and frequency, sex after kids... like 10 to the 9th power, again, grading on quality and frequency.

More today on Corporate trinkets. WHen I finish waking up and get some fucking coffee up in this bitch.

BUT, here's the summary of product placement within the post.

Boobies. Greatest product ever. Buy them now on the QW! $19.95!

Sexcapades. Buy them now on the QW! Subscription only $49.95!

Wang Bra. Look for them at a store near you! Or buy them at the QW! $149.95!

**update! More product! for boobies! mildly NSFW! :)


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