Monday, April 19, 2004

Happy Monday Morning, Chil'ren...

Thought I would pop in to see how this Guest Blogging is going, and I am happy to report there is relatively little bloodshed, and alas, no boobies. That's ai'ight, Tubbs and Tre will be handling hosting today and tomorrow, so there is bound to be something good.

Quick recap:
1. Got G-Fry's graduation announcement. He's so adorable, but I was hoping for a photo *sniff*. Your present, as promised, is on the way. Congratulations, my little Golden G-Fry O' Goodness...

2. I tried to order a basket, as directed, but since I don't do credit cards anymore, I had to send an email asking about mail orders. Hmmm. Go there. Buy something. Support the Allen family and their attempt to educate their son.

3. I still haven't received Tubbs lifesize portrait yet for Da Project... I am officially bummed.

4. I bought the DaVinci Code on Thursday. I finished it yesterday. I would have finished it sooner, but I had to actually work while at work and not screw off. Damn.

5. The DaVinci Code is a must read. For anyone. Amazingly awesome. I should write book reviews, shouldn't I? "This book was off da hook! Boo Yah!"

6. I am now starting Soul Coaching. I want to be all Zen-like and stuff.

7. I got my car inspected and the emissions test performed. I had no additional work done to my car, I thought I would get a "second opinion" before shelling out $400 on repairs... and it passed with flying colors. I called the Dealership that failed me and reamed them a new one and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that their technician treated me like a stupid woman when I know a thing or two about cars, and I could have their license to perform Inspection/Emissions for the State of Utah yanked if I really wanted to. Padding a bill is not only annoying, it is also illegal. We'll see what happens. I want my money back.

8. Lindi and I have had headaches for the past 5 days. We think it's the barometric pressure. No, it's not Co2, we have a detector. I wish it would just rain for 10 days and get it over with.

9. This is the last week I will be in this unit at work, and next Monday, I will start my new job. I am completely excited. I want a party to celebrate.

10. Lindi's enchiladas rock the house.

11. Maybe I can have a party and Lindi will make enchiladas. And Margaritas. Lots of Margaritas.

11. It is Angelina Jolie Day on Beautiful. Her Tattoos... her Movies (I own 18/27)... Her Attraction... Her Quotes: "I need more sex, okay? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world."


I made a list of the Angelina movies I need to complete my collection. Along with some books I want. Go to Amazon. Buy me a present.

Okay, enough for now. Back to the Guest posting... Tubbs is up next...

Drink of the day: Cafe' Mocha, no whipped, with Raspberry shot
CD on the Playa: I don't know... whatever was in there when I left on Friday.


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