Thursday, April 15, 2004

The QW Love to Blog


I'm Maine, your guest poster for the day. Except, there's a bit of a twist on this guest-bloggy goodness.

You see, I've kinda got a pressing engagement I cannot ignore. (Neither of my cats are laying on the couch, so I actually have an opportunity to lay on it myself. Big time stuff, people...)

Sooooo, I'm having a guest poster. A guest-guest poster if you will. Cos I'm the laziest, slackinest, loafinest, rip-snorting, flat out, catatonic, non-workingest bitch you've ever met.

J of QuietWater. Take it over, J.

Drink of the day: QW Man Sauce
CD on the Playa: QW Sings the Blues

Greetings one and all. I am your guest-guest poster today. So, I might as well get on with it.

Children, Peeps, Mens, womens, and monchichi's. I have noticed something going on in the blogosphere that's quite disturbing. It could very well mean the end of all that we know and hold dear. You may have seen the beginnings of the coming apocalypse over ON the QW the other day, and indeed I have begun to notice the other signs as well.

Let me explain. I have noticed a FUCK TON of guest posting going on on just about every blog I read. What does this mean you ask? Well, a ton of stuff actually. Lets say for instance, we all continue this trend. Either we are swamped with actual work, or we have stuff going on, or whatever the reason, we must turn our backs on our beloved blogs, and in the interests of knowing, and just being able to sleep at night because we know, that our blogs are happily being updated, like some sort of crazy ass pokemon keychain that needs feeding. Damn. I had one of those. I got it right after those bastards first came out. Except me being the dork I am, I had a star wars one, in fact I had TWO. It was C-3p0 and R2-d2. Ihad to feed them and train them, and the motherfuckers kept on dying. Tell me, how in fuck does R2D2 die because I didn't sweep his cage?!? DO robots even poop?

I digress. The dangers of all this guest blogging have become apparent. Besides the fact that we may have unleashed the ultimate blog ragnarok, the blog doomsday machine the other day, this guest blogging could end up destroying all that we hold dear. Scenario: We all keep on guest blogging, until work finally catches up with us, lets be real, eventually it will catch us all, so it spirals down into some crazy multi tiered guest guest guest blogging thing, and eventually.... ALL THE BLOGS IN THE WORLD are going to be written by some guy named Gary in Wisconsin who lives in his parents basement. He will be the only guy blogging because we will have all OUTSOURCED OUR BLOGGING to each other and OUTSOURCING BEGET OUTSOURCING BEGET OUTSOURCING. What's gonna happen then? Gary starts charging us to read our own blogs, he doesn't link us any pr0n, and he takes down all the pics of the boobies. OH how the world will be a dreary and bleak place to live! Heaven help us!

OR, maybe I am wrong.

What IF, we could use this guest posting thing in more aspects of our lives? Like, I need a couple days off, so I need someone to come to work, and guest boss for me a few days. All you gotta do is blog, surf the web and other blogs, and yell at my employees for an hour. And when you go home, you need to speed pr0n for an hour, eat a sandwich, and then I will take over after my nap. Maybe I need to go to court, you can go be my guest court appearance. It could spawn a whole new industry!

Ok, so here's the deal. If it should spawn like I say it should,I am hereby announcing our patent on the entire industry. QuietWater Guest temps for everything INC! Anyone want a job? First we need clients, and then we will send you there! It'll be great! We send guest bloggers to your house, guest drinkers to your parties, guest ninjas to your mean ugly ass neighbors house to pee on their car door handles in the middle of the night! Ashida Kim already signed up! He wants a guest ninja to come and take his next ass whipping for 10 thousand dollars! No insurance required!

And I am a hippocrit (sp?) too. I will also be guest posting here Friday.


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