Monday, April 12, 2004

Kristos Anesti!!

Christ is Risen!

This was a wonderful weekend! Saturday, I ran to the Greek Market and bought tons of Koloudia, Kourembiethes and Baklava and took them to Lindi's work for her crew for Greek Easter. They loved the treat. I visited with my mother and sister and then ran home to get ready for a barbeque for TeinaMarrie. Of course, I was fasting, but I had a wonderful time nonetheless.

Lindi and I had planned to go to the Resurrection Liturgy, but I wasn't feeling well, so we called it a night. We awoke early to meet her Mother and Sarah for breakfast and shopping! Lindi bought me the most beautiful gold cross and her mother bought me a gorgeous white button up blouse for Easter. I feel nekked when I don't wear a cross, and the blouse looks gorgeous casual or dressy, which I love. And I finally bought me an Italian Modular Charm bracelet... oh it is sooo cool... I have wanted one for a long time.

Now, this one is an example of what it looks like although these links aren't the exact ones I used.

Starting in the Center of the bracelet, I have the initials L.C.S. for Lindi Connie and Sarah, separated by our birthstones. To the right of Sarah I have the "Jesus Fish" with the Greek Initials for "Son of God" inside. To the left of Lindi, I have a Virgo symbol. Around the back I have a gold star, a dangling gold moon and a gold sun. The whole bracelet cost me about $50, which, looking at some websites, isn't too shabby, when some of the links can cost up to $20.00 It is some sort of craze... they even do parties! (Speaking of, if anyone is interested, let me know, I am thinking of doing it)

We then went to Lindi's Aunt Jayne's house for a BBQ with Lindi's extended family (mucho fun) and then home to clean, relax and watch Cheaper by the Dozen. I really enjoyed that movie a lot - and it helped that Sarah and her cousin Carlie made cookies for us while we watched. Carlie spent the night, since Sarah is off of school on Spring Break. They must have made nearly 12 dozen cookies.

I also watched Beyond Borders last night starring my girlfriend Angelina Jolie. God, I adore that woman, especially when she's wet in the forest. The movie was pretty good and I was highly disappointedd in the ending, but it was overall not a bad movie.

Drink of the day: Diet Coke
CD on the Playa: Sarah McLaughlin Fallen I am really digging on it lately...


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