Friday, April 09, 2004


Basking in the love of my wifey, we missed E.R. And apparently, this was the one episode we should not have.

There are two characters on the show who are lesbian partners. Kerry Weaver, and ER doc and Sandy Lopez, a firefighter. Sandy conceived and they had a child together, Henry.

Apparently, Sandy died in a fire in last night's episode, "devastating Weaver and bringing out some masterfully understated acting by Laura Innes. One of the only two things that made Weaver human is gone, and the other might get ripped from her, as Sandy's family has decided that baby Henry belongs with his blood relatives....

"... Lopez's family is so cold, and Weaver is actually left banging on a glass door while wailing, "My son!"

Whoa. That is my worst nightmare.

For those of you who don't understand gay marriage, I hope you saw that episode of E.R. and it made you think, if only for a minute, how it might make you feel to lose your child in such a way. This is what I live with every day. I am blessed that Lindi's family would allow me to still be in Sarah's life if she were to pass away. I am also not disillusioned - I know without a doubt that Sarah would live with her grandparents and I would have unlimited visitation. It's not how I want it, but it is how it would be, and I have come to peace with that.

When will people learn that blood and biology does not make a family?


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