Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Happy PHAT Tuesday...

Ok, it's not really Fat Tuesday, but since I bought a cinnamon roll for breakfast, I am feeling a bit phat. And a Cafe' Mocha. I haven't had one of those in months. I haven't actually eaten said cinnamon roll. But it's there. Oh, yes, it's there...

Cookies weren't very successful in bribing my unit. Don't get me wrong, they ate them happily, but they are still pissed that I am leaving. Hey, a promotion is a promotion and I have to do what's right for me. If I play my cards right, I may be able to be next in line for another promotion to Broker Relations, which is my ultimate goal. Management Perks. Excuse to buy more clothes. Oh, yeah. I am sooooo there.

Okay, I need to bitch a little bit. There's this woman who has a cubicle around the corner from mine. Our cubie-farm is built in such a way that I actually face her direction with a wall seperating our cubies. Anywho, this woman is on Oxygen, is about 150 lbs overweight (which I have no problem with since I am not a skinny-mini myself), is Diabetic and has a myriad of other problems. I think I have bitched about her before...

So, I come in today, and I am always pleasant to her, and I tell her good morning and ask her how she is doing today. She tells me she isn't feeling very well, she thinks her blood sugar is "wacked out". It's Bagel Day in the office, so I offer to get her one to help level her sugar out in a healthier way. She tells me no, that it has too many carbs and will knock her for a loop.

I understand, since I am counting carbs, too. I tell her that if she feels worse to let me know, I am an EMT and I can help.

I come back from picking up my whole wheat bagel to see her eating a danish at her desk. A DANISH! Like THAT isn't going to spike her blood sugar above all recognition. Worried about carbs? Not anymore... you're unconcious! Good freaking Gawd in Heaven! She always has bags of candy at her desk. I don't know how she thinks she can justify eating an entire bag of mini-Kit-Kat's and still shooting insulin 5 times a day. Seems like a losing battle to me, almost like she doesn't want to be healthier. Duh.

Besides the fact that she wears patchouli oil. Ick. if you're not going to bathe, then don't wear patchouli. It doesn't mask your B.O., it just makes you smell worse. The only person in the world who could ever wear patchouli and get away with it is Jenn Bunker. She always smelled nummy.

So, Moral of the story: if you're not Jenn Bunker, don't wear patchouli. That's the rule.

Which, brings me to the question of the day: Which smells turn you on? What is the one smell that makes you sick to your stomach...

Drink of the day: Cafe' mocha, baby
CD on the Playa: Janet Jackson Damita Jo


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