Thursday, April 15, 2004


We will have a host of guestbloggers for the coming week...

So far, the line up is as follows:

Today - Maine
Tomorrow - Geoffrey (it will be okay, I promise)
Saturday and Sunday - FREE FOR ALL (anyone want to be Primary GuestBlogger these days?)
Monday - Tubbs
Tuesday - Tre
Wednesday - Cul
Thursday - G-Fry
Friday - Jason

I can honestly say that I am THRILLED for each and every one of these Guestbloggers to be on my site. Tubbs and Tre have turned out to be fabulous 'net buddies, full of love, compassion and humor, besides the fact that they are fiiiiiiiine... Cul is an extremely eloquent writer with a heart of a lion... Maine is just the shit, yo... Geoffrey, while a bit of an antagonist (read: asshole), still gets me thinking and tests my convictions... and what can I say about my Little G-fry O' Goodness? He's like a little brother who I've never met. Jason, another of the Quietwater Crew, makes me laugh and laugh... especially when he bakes a German Chocolate Cake.

Wrap all these guys up in a bow, 'cause they are a gift from the Blogging Gods.

There are still slots available for Saturday and Sunday as the Primary Bloghost, and I would LOVE to extend this Guestblogging out to Thursday and Friday of next week, too! I would really like to see Sandy, Maria, Cornelia and Danielle on here shaking their blogging bootay... now, THAT would be FUN!

MAINE IS IN DA HOOUSE!! He's just a minute away...

Drink of the day: House Cafe with a shot of Orange and Whipped Cream
CD on the Playa: Celine Dion Compliation - shuddup, Dylan.


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