Friday, April 16, 2004

Don't know Where Geoffrey Went to...

So, for your reading pleasure, Sandy has graciously posted an entry... WELCOME SANDY!

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday and she was fantasizing about going on one of those make over shows on television. I couldn't believe she said that, the woman is a knock out. I suppose not everyone is happy with their looks. I myself wouldn't change nothing, not that I'm satisfied, I just ain't going under the knife to change my nose, etc.

I would like to upgrade one thing though. Can I buy some "gracefulness"? I mean, I am a klutzy woman. I walk into doors, trip over my own feet, fall down walking up the stairs, miss my mouth when I eat. I got no grace...I sure would like to purchase some though.

Drink of the day: Black Coffee
CD on the Playa: Otis Redding, Anthology


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