Friday, April 16, 2004

H to the O, me and Connie MC.

Drink of the day:Hawaiian punishment
CD on the Playa:Nothing cool

Well. Today is Friday. Its also whore day. AND did I mention its also national blog whore week. SO someone needs to write a guest whore spot for us over at the QW. Send it to me email, unless we can figure out a way to add gues into our Mt. Damn Mt.

Anyway, I thought I would regale you with TWO, countem TWO haxX0rs of Connies site here. They werent much, but you know.. first time you fuck around with someones site you wanna take it easy you know. Like the first date. I wouldnt bust out the hot wax on you the first time out. So, I ease into the haXxes until I find out what hallowed ground I can stomp all over and still maintain blog friendships. OR, if I dont care about all that shit, I just draw up all manner of vulgar shit and be done with it.

Before I get into the blog, you can check the Haxxors.

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So there you have them. Just an initial entry into poking fun at the websites I visit regularly. If you come on over to (look I am whoring my own site ok), QW, you can see others too.

SO, you might have caught the double team me and Maine did on Connie the other day. What? Maine tells me he forgot to hit PLAY on the camera, so I suppose you wont have caught that .... what? Oh... Ok, Maine says we were talking about the POST. Yeah. The post.

I typically like to answer our google searches every now and then, just to make sure random visitors get what they came for.

Here is what we got hit up for in the past few hours.

16 Apr, Fri, 00:52:14 Google: "shadow lord" celebrity pictures
16 Apr, Fri, 02:05:36 Google: mp3 clip "you're fired" trump sound files
16 Apr, Fri, 03:17:35 Yahoo: kieara knightly
16 Apr, Fri, 08:16:55 Yahoo: jenit jackson's boobs
16 Apr, Fri, 08:43:51 Google: omorosa legal suit
16 Apr, Fri, 09:57:23 Yahoo: QW
16 Apr, Fri, 10:33:10 Google: SVD short sniper rifle for MAFIA game
16 Apr, Fri, 11:32:33 Google: Omorosa law suit
16 Apr, Fri, 12:07:41 Yahoo: "max payne 2 warez"
16 Apr, Fri, 12:21:10 Google: "scooby doo pot"
16 Apr, Fri, 12:42:59 Google: crispy weasel floss
16 Apr, Fri, 12:52:16 Google: omorosa legal suit
16 Apr, Fri, 12:58:19 Google: overclock pocketpc ipaq 400 intel xscale 250
16 Apr, Fri, 14:03:55 Yahoo: how to creat the perfect saltwater aquarium
16 Apr, Fri, 14:19:08 Yahoo: commanche4 trainer
16 Apr, Fri, 14:24:59 Yahoo: Omorosa law suit
16 Apr, Fri, 14:41:00 Google: "intel extreme graphics" "mafia"
16 Apr, Fri, 15:04:04 Google: omorosa legal suit
16 Apr, Fri, 15:33:49 Google: equlibrium +clothes from movie
16 Apr, Fri, 16:07:02 Google: jason maines secret service

Notice that we get a lot of hits from popular tv shows, illegal shit, misspelled shit, and sometimes just plain wierd shit.

Omorosa will pose nude in a few months. Her lawsuit will be moot.
Equilibrium clothes were a mix of Matrix and Minority report
Intel Extreme graphics are shit. Give up trying to play games with them and buy a decent card. Mafia sucks anyway.
commanche 4 doesnt need a trainer. Its like helicopter lite. Cheating bastards.
Yes. You can overclock a pocket PC. THe Xscale doesnt oc as nice as the old StrongArm did IMHO.
Scooby Doo pot gets us every time. We think Shaggy was a drug kingpin. Why didnt Batman and Robin figure this out? The PENGUIN!
Max Payne 2 Warez? Come on, you know EVERY Warez site you go to is for the pr0n. You MIGHT get a game out of it after about amillion page views, but you know you are going for them titties.
SVD sniper rifle? In Mafia? Its in the 1930's dumbass. Try Remington. SVD russian rifle.. shit.
Ahhh Jenit Jaksons boobs. Genius. Apparently speed-pronners cant take the time to spell. SO we get em. Shame we dont have some kind of popup menu that pays us CASH money.
Kiera Knightly. Again. SPeed pronners cant spell.
Youre fired? MoreTv shit. We get the Shield all day too.
Shadow Lord? PIcs? That bitch doent even come out of his parents basement. Much less allow pics.
Jasons Maine Secret Service? Well, thats an interesting one. It also shows up along with the QW escort service too.

Well. Thats a lame post. But I wasted up all my good material earlier in the week. Check us out later on at the QW to see what other bullshit we come up with. We also take donations to send you naked pics of ourselves too.


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