Tuesday, April 20, 2004

And the Posting Continues...

This week is shaping up nicely. Thanks to Tubbs for the awesome post yesterday about modern day racism. No boobies, but provacative nonetheless...

For the remainder of the week we have:
Tuesday - Tre
Wednesday - Cul
Thursday - G-Fry
Friday - Jason ... again... I hope...

Tre is signing on asap, Blogger is giving her fits. So, in the meantime, Maria has given us this post for our Blogging pleasure... Thanks, Maria!


I always do enjoy blogging a little rant about how harmful television is & most of all, the sick and twisted things spawned from and associated with it. I know, it's so passe. That whole "kill your television" thing went out so long ago, right? But what about killing your mom and insuring that the television will be spared?

"[17 year old] Chereza offered the detective $2,000 that he expected to inherit from his mother's bank account, and gave him the keys to the family apartment, a map of the apartment and a picture of his mother, the police report said. He asked that the shooting be made to look like a burglary, it said.

"'Carlos stated that he didn't want anything to happen to the television,' the detective wrote in the arrest report."

Fantastic! So mom is dead, but hell if this little shit is going to miss his favorite shows. Actually, mom's not dead. Thanks to this kid being stupid enough to try to hire an undercover detective to do the job at the measly rate of $2,000. Lucky for the mom, she raised a real jackass. If she'd raised a slightly more intelligent kid, she could be deader than a doornail right now. Good job to everyone involved. The irony is priceless.

CD in the Playa: Circle Jerks - "Casualty Vampires" (It's funny, whenever I hear this song I think of the Bush Administration)
Of course, it also reminds me of ambulance chasing lawyers and rubberneckers, but it's most appropo for the subject of this post.

Thanks, Connie!


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