Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Thursday!

Working hard and catching up, on so many things.

Went to my dr's appt today, things are looking good, next week, I will probably be cleared for physical therapy.

Had Crown Burger for lunch. Mmmmmmmmm. Crrrooooowwwnnn Burrrrrrgeerrrrrrr....

Strangest thing I've been nicknamed this week: "Eggplant" - due to my choice of color of shirt. (Yes, I did quietly explain that in some parts of the country, "eggplant" is a derogatory term for a person of full African decent, to wit I was given the blank blonde female Mormon stare. Nevamind, Sister Barbie....)

Two weeks to my birthday, and still no plans. *sigh* Lindi told me she's not good at this whole Birthday Thang. That's okay, I would just like to do something. Dinner, movie, something. I love my birthday.

I know! I will bake a cake! (SMILE) And get my tongue pierced. Wait, I will bake a cake, fly Tre out for my birthday kiss, THEN get my tongue pierced.... there we go!

Love out to the future father of my baby - Lindi is hoping we have twins so we can split them between the houses. You need to come over for a fish fry soon and we will gossip and do pedicures.

My thoughts are with L. Rest and wait, do what's right for you. Love and energy out to you.


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