Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What a Day!

Work has been pretty crazy, trying to catch up from the vacation, getting my stove and disposal fixed, fightin' with my doctors, feeling worn out and run down. Last Wednesday, I had my Epidural Spinal Injection, and I am starting to feel better from it, more strength in my legs, but I still have breakthrough pain at night. I have Lidocaine Patches for the daytime, but I can only use them up ti 12 hours a day, so they are no good to me at night - I need them while I am working. Can't really be on pain meds at the office. I can't seem to get through to either of my dr's that I still need my pain medication - neither want to prescribe it for me. Don't worry, I have an appt tomorrow with my spine dr. He's gonna get an earful and it will all get straightened out.

Looking forward to the Meat Fest this weekend and to seeing all the crew. Haven't seen everyone since the Christmas party in January, so this should be a blast. Bakin' cakes, Devil's Food for Toni and one other - either cream cheese or red velvet. Either sounds lovely!

Had a wonderful phone call from a lovely person this morning and ironed a lot of old issues out. It was a really postive thing and I look forward to continuing the conversation tonight when I get home. We can then discuss sharing of energy and me having his child! *wink*

I promise to be more blog-attentive. I've just been feeling overwhelmed and need a tiny break from the day to day. I appreciate all of you coming here, even if you don't comment. Love and vanilla wafers to all of you!


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