Thursday, September 23, 2004


On Tubbs Blog, she put an entry of what she was doing last year on that date and the year before that. I looked at mine and realized that I have no entries for 9-23-03 or 9-23-02, so I will summarize.

2002 - Grace and I had split, but we were friends, I was living with my Mom, Lindi and I were dating, JJ hosted my 30th birthday party, Lindi, Sarah and I went to the Greek Festival and afterward, they met my parents for the first time. Oh, and I also had a cold.

2003 - I just got my job at the U, I was frantically pulling everything together for my wedding, we had just moved into our new home, and Lorene was the only one with time enough to update my blog for an entire month!

I wonder what I will think of this year in another 12 months...

Do this. I think it is very cathartic.


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