Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Keep On Keeping On...

Things are going pretty good today. I know i've been a blogging slaggard and I am sorry, I will try and keep up.

The baking went very well. I made 24 cakes and 22 breads - sold out - and made $90 for charity. It was so successful, I am doing another round of baking this week (with my new oven) for special orders. I am very pleased I was able to raise so much money for such a worthy cause.

I have an appointment on Monday to meet my plastic surgeon about a breast reduction. My doctor thinks it's a very good idea - let's hope the insurance company goes along with it. I can't imagine life in a C cup, but I can't wait to try!

All in all, not a bad week ahead or behind. Can't complain.

Well, I can complain...

Kerry Hires Ala. Woman Fired for Sticker

Wed Sep 15, 8:53 AM ET

DETROIT - Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) has a new campaign worker helping him drum up support in Alabama after hiring a woman who was fired for displaying the presidential candidate's bumper sticker on her car.

Kerry called Lynne Gobbell on Tuesday after reading a newspaper story describing how she had been fired last Thursday from her job packing cellulose insulation at a Moulton, Ala., plant.

Gobbell said her former employer had told her she could either work for him or Kerry. She said Kerry told her, "Let him know that as of today, you're working for John Kerry."

Class, children. It's all about class. Reason 5,983,299 NOT to vote for Bush. Kerry's got CLASS.

Now, where in the hell is the UCLU???


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