Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Newsflash: Bush is an Idiot.

Bush lifts 20-year-old Libya trade embargo

President Bush ended commercial sanctions against Libya, in exchange for Libya's agreement to dismantle its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday formally ended a nearly 20-year-old trade embargo against Libya, in return for Libya's admission that it had a weapons of mass destruction program and a pledge to dismantle it.
Bush's action, conveyed in letters to Congress and to Secretary of State Colin Powell, was largely symbolic because he lifted most commercial sanctions against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's government in April, which allowed American businesses to invest in Libya and buy its oil for the first time since 1986.

Oh, I see. They are only terrorists until we need their oil. I get it. Hooray for diplomacy.

Now you can’t honestly tell me that this Presidency’s focus has been on our safety and security, might and justice, if Bush, Jr. is willing to do this. C’mon!! Just because the Lion has been sleeping doesn’t mean his teeth have grown less sharp. And what about the families of those on that flight to Lockerbee, Scotland? They say they are sorry, oops, we had weapons, and all is forgiven? TELL THAT TO THEIR FAMILIES and the wives, parents and children they left behind – Oh, they get paid 1 billion in reparations – what happened to the 2.7 billion they were supposed to pay?? Do they get an early bird special for paying it ten years late? Why didn't we just seize their 1.3 billion in assets and call it a day?

Oh, and let’s completely forget the fact that Libya is still and ACTIVE origin of terrorists who threaten our Allies, such as Saudi Arabia (this is found later in the article).

Christ, Bush, grow some balls and make Libya pay the restitution they were assigned and keep them under embargo. Make them do THAT much. Or bend a little lower and wipe their asses too, while you’re down there kissing them.

He makes me sick. He doesn’t even know who a terrorist is anymore.


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