Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Crazy Week

I spend an interesting day yesterday at Huntsman Cancer Institute listening to 2 vendors try and sell us their email packages. I was very impressed with one, and not so impressed with the other. No surprise the one I wasn’t impressed with was the one we currently have. Their upgrades were less than stellar, and not much to “wow” us. I think the highlight of the day was lunch. Eating in “The Point” restaurant, I sat in front of the window overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley high atop the mountain, eating a smoked Salmon Louis salad - just enjoying an amazing hour by myself. It was amazing.

I have another presentation day tomorrow, at the Marriott Library on Campus. Too bad we won’t be back up at Huntsman.

Tonight is family therapy, dinner, then an evening with Jessie, Lindi’s step daughter, which is always lovely. We don’t see her nearly as much as we want.

An interesting discussion over at Dogsnot… wondering about YOUR thoughts… some pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for contraceptives based on their personal moral beliefs. Geoffrey feels this isn’t a conflict of ethical values, it’s simple economics – a patient can have their script filled anywhere and if enough people boycott a particular pharmacy, they will be forced to fill all prescriptions or go bankrupt. I say that insurance coverage often dictates which pharmacies patients have to utilize and the pharmacists are violating their contracts by not filling all prescriptions presented – beside the fact that pharmacists are also violating their Hippocratic Oath by withholding treatment as prescribed by another physcian.

What do YOU think?


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