Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Some Good News

Well, the powers that be have finally decided that since they won't let me have priority parking, they will allow me to work from home during my FMLA. I am overjoyed. This will allow me to stay home and rest as needed and still make some sort of income. This will also change my FMLA standing, and hopefully, I can convince my surgeon to put me on intermittant leave for longer than 2 months and I can work from home for 4 weeks after surgery. This, of course, requires an upgrade to my computer. (Gift certificates to Best Buy would be a great idea for Christmas, hint hint...)

So, I would like for our bedroom to be completed before then. I want to do draping over the bed as well, so it will be very elegant and romantic. Sarah wants to redo her room, too - to Broncos Orange and Blue! She's so cute.

Oh, speaking of Sarah - Miss Thang brought home a 3.5! 5 A's and 3 B's! She made High Honor Roll. We couldn't be prouder. She's the bomb.

Okay, okay, back to work. I left early yesterday because my back was bothering me, and spent the day being pampered by my wife, so I have to stick it out today.

LOVE out to Toni, as she contemplates... to Dylan and he prepares for his Colon surgery... Lorene for not killing everyone she works with or around...


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