Friday, May 20, 2005

All This Baby Talk

has got Lindi and I talking... would we like to have another child? Of course, we have Sarah, but she was almost raised by the time I came along. And I've never given birth to my own child.

Of course, there are some legal and logistic issues. First, we need a bigger house. Okay, Lindi is nearly COMPLETELY out of debt and I am on my way. Lindi does need a new car - easily do-able. I have a great car that will last me 10+ years if I take care of it like I did Vanna II, the blue wonder beast.

Then comes the obvious things to think about:

:: My health. Can my body handle it so soon after surgery? I don't even know if breast feeding will be an option. How much weight should I lose before I conceive?

:: Donor or friend? Do we want to know the donor? Do we want in anonymous? What do we say to our child when s/he asks who their Daddy is? I am big on honesty and all, but how will that make the child feel?

:: We are in our mid 30's. By the time this kid graduates, we will be in our 50's.

:: Legally, in Utah, Lindi would be nothing to this child, like I am to Sarah. Sarah's school knows who I am and is okay with me, but legally, I'm just a friend. We could make sure we were in California when I deliver and have a birth certificate with "parent and parent" like Tre will have... but thanks to Amendment 3, I'm not sure how that will play out.

:: Birth or Adopt? I would love to adopt. Again, legal problems, beside the fact that it costs a lot of money to adopt, especially out of state, which is what we would have to do to both be considered the child's parents.

Lindi says I shouod just go out and get knocked up. She's funny. I'd be more worried about STD's than whether or not I got pregnant!

So, these are the things in my mind right now. I could use some input.


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