Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blog reviews

I am going to start a trend in the method of Maine and the QW Crew and do a few short Blog Reviews. Help me come up with some clever name to nickname these rants. I need it…

So, let’s begin.

Lost In Conversation and Useless at Scrabble

Um, the best I can say about this Blog is that I had some fun trying to discern the English from the bloggers posts. Obviously an English ay Boy, but not really much interesting reading. Although the blowup boy toy was rather funny. Funny in a grotesque sort of way.

It should be titled Lost in Conversation and Useless at Blogging.
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What Am I Doing Here?
VERY well written, I enjoyed reading this blog from a true Southern Peach. Pregnant and hormonal, she is very articulate and makes for an enjoyable read. Entries about married, pregnant sex and midnight sleeping orgasms had me smiling. It’s just a blog, about a girl, and her life, nothing political.
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Well, she’s definitely from California. 23. 136 pounds and on a diet. Enough said.

Don’t bother.
1 Jolie – because it’s a pretty color

I’ll Be Watching Over You
She’s 13. She likes Anime Angels AnD sPelLiNg hEr wOrDs LiKe thIs. If anything, go here and look at the artwork, it’s very pretty. Not interesting reading, but if you need to be sprinkled with faerie dust and light, here’s the place for you.
3 Jolies, if only for the artwork.

W-One Blog
WOW. This is a picture blog from the streets of Singapore and I feel inspired by the pictures. Keep scrolling, there are some amazing photos. This guy needs to be published, seriously. Just gorgeous.
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FINALLY! A refreshing blog to write about! I kept scrolling, hoping to find something not about debt relief or some 11 year old blogging about… barbies or whatever… and I find Alison. Witty, fun, an enjoyable read, with faint hints of Maine in her sarcasm.
Mom: Sweetie, this is a really great CD. It’s so ambient it reminds me of the music I used to listen to when I would float in the sensory deprivation tank.
Alison: Oh my god, Mom. You are SUCH a hippie.
Mom: No! It was more of an 80’s thing. After I used to go on weeklong biking trips through the country and camp out in barns, I could get in the tank and just float and my muscles would totally relax. No pain at all.
Mom: Your dad even did it. He said it made him feel like a leaf floating along a river….I guess he did more acid than I did in college.
Alison: You did acid in college? That isn’t helping your case any, hippie.

Loved her blog. Added it to my blogroll. You should too.
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