Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Meetin' the Scott at Chili's

Scott came home last week and Monday was the first chance he and I got to see one another. We went out to lunch at Chili's and enjoyed buffalo wings, Chicken ceasar salads, eggrolls, chips and salsa and one another's company.

My lunch, the "Triple Play" was awesome. Delicious Chicken Crispers®, mouth-watering Boneless Buffalo Wings and incredible Southwestern Eggrolls. Served with dipping sauces. Nummy stuff. I wonder what they put in their eggrolls, because they are really, really good. I realize they are not authentic, but who really cares?

Scott is well, not looking forward to going back, but willingly going there. He said at this point, while they are trying to supply the Iraqi people with water, schools, and help them rebuild their country, change is very slow and the Iraqi's are not known for their friendliness. They are more of just a simple military presence right now. He said the Kurdish people are very welcoming as compared to the Iraqi's, and he noticed the Kurds have done all they can to make Americans feel welcome and safe. That makes me feel better. Not much, but a little.

Some photos for all of you:

Scott and I, take one. This would have been cute if he would have opened his eyes.

This pic is for a few people over at DogSnot who had the cajones to say that I didn't really have a friend named Scott who was in the Army and stationed in Iraq. Here ya go guys, this is to you from SSG Scott A. Grant.

Scott and I take two. I like this pic, but I wish Scott would have been smiling.

I will be sad to see him go back on Friday, but I have faith he will be alright and will return home safely. Feel free to contact me for his email and snail mail addresses so that you can send him a little something to make his day!


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