Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tale of Two Earplugs

Last night, before bed, Lindi finally decides to clean out her carry-on from her trip to Vegas. It's full of the usual things - promotional stuff from Coca-Cola and McDonald's, pens, keychains... but much to her surprise and delight, she finds a pair of earplugs from when they got to see the Blue Man Group.
You wouldn't think a pair of ear plugs would give someone so much joy as this said pair did for this said wife. She was gleeful. Practically ecstatic. Her first reaction, "I'm gunna sleep goooood tonight!"
Now, a woman can take this one of two ways. I can step back, think for a moment and be pleased my spouse will rest soundly and enjoy her moments of REM, satisfied with the fact that she works hard, takes great care of me and our duaghter, and deserves this little repose.
Or I can be ticked off because it's a not-so-subtle poke at my snoring.
I don't think I snore too badly. But, then again, if my father is any indication, I probably could wake the dead. But I am not the only snorerer... snoreee...snore-person in my house. I have been sound asleep and suddenly assaulted by her loud chainsaw snore from time to time. Or even physically assualted in my sleep (but that's another post all together).
But I love her. And I believe it is somewhere in my wedding vows to love her despite her sleeping habits.
Perhaps earplugs are the key to unlocking a happy marriage. Maybe we should start giving them as wedding gifts. Hmmm... I think I've come up with something here.


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