Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas is in FULL Swing...

Sometimes, I don’t even know where I am anymore…

Thursday Night, we attended the Manager’s Christmas Party at Squatters with Lindi’s bosses and fellow managers. Wonderful orange ginger glazed salmon and chocolate cake – mmmm. We had a wonderful time and Lindi got VIP Jazz Tickets as her gift! (I was hoping she would get the ipod…)

Saturday Night was the “Girls Party.” Basically, the “Girls” are a bunch of ladies that in someway connect with Lindi’s mother. There’s about 12-15 of them, and we hosted them for the Christmas get together this year at Lindi’s parents house. It was a soup theme, so we were treated to homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade french onion soup, cheese soup and chili, with cheese, crackers, green salad, dessert salads and cobblers. It was wonderful. We all bring little $10 gifts to do the “white elephant” game and they are always cute and creative.

Lindi got a singing snowman, I received three snowmen on a sled and Sarah, well, Sarah picked the gift she brought herself because she loved it so much – a bouncing snowman on springs.

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, we were pretty exhausted by the time everyone left after dessert and presents, so we didn’t make it over to Chet and Shane’s house, and I was very dissapointed. I think Shane has such a huge heart and I am so happy to hear some homeless people will be sleeping under the quilts made by my friends’ loving hands.

Sunday, I woke up a little exhausted and a LOT in pain – my sinuses have been slowing drying out all season and being sick didn’t help – so off to Walgreens for medication and a new steamer for the bedroom, which helped immensely.

Monday was a crazy cooking day, making 4 batches of peanut brittle, 4 batches of fudge and little presents for all of Lindi’s 26 employees, as well as stuffing over 40 Christmas Cards (yes, yours will be coming soon….). Then, we headed off to the eBay Christmas Party at the Gateway, which was very lovely. Lots of great food and dancing! My team were hoofing it up on the dancefloor – we owned it baby! We had a lot of fun.

Yesterday was scrapbooking with John for his Christmas present for his special lady, then shopping with Corinne and even more wrapping and wrapping and wrapping… I nearly fell into a coma. I was starting to have a serious nervous breakdown until Lindi came home, made me smile and made everything much better. I am still quite overwhelmed, but I am okay.

And tonight is the Christmas Party for Lindi’s Crew at the Chinese Buffet.

Sooner or later, I will see the end of the proverbial tunnel. At least, I’d better!

Oh, and great news – I will be converting to an official eBay employee on the 19th of this month! Yay! Benefits for me and Lindi & Sarah! Thank Goodness.

So, back at work today and just flooded with people in chat with problems. Tis the Season, I am told.

So, if you don’t see or hear from me until after New Years, know that I love ya. I really do. Send care packages with water and food. *gasp!*



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