Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nothing Sweeter...

than a free Costco chocolate chunk cookie. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

What? Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday... oh yes, I ended up in the dentists office having a Root Canal. Surprisingly, it went better than I thought. My dentist is a God. He simply will not allow me to feel discomfort for the sake of his convenience. If I feel anything, he will stop working to make sure I am properly medicated, even if it take a little longer on the procedure. Plus, he is working with me on the whole "No insurance" issue. Such a great guy.

Up until Tuesday, however, was another story. Milkshakes and soft food, and sometimes no food. Can't say I enjoyed the diet, but I am glad the pain is over.

I love my job. I still have 100% satisfaction and 100% Quality Review. I even got a comment from a member the other day who took a survey that said I was "Perfect in every way." That makes me feel good, knowing I am effecting people's lives and businesses.

I was chatting with a member today who is a lead singer for a prominent East Coast band. He said he loved me so much he wanted to hook me up with CD's and tickets and whatnot. It was awesome. Of course, I won't, but it's nice to be thought of like that.

Our living room is painted, with the extra loving care of my wiff. We chose a light green for accent walls, a hazlenut creme for the other walls and dark green for the trim. It's bright and beautiful. Our neighbor told us it looked like a bowl of mine cream (because of our brown carpet) but I am okay with that! Lindi is shopping for some shelving for our wedding pictures and things, to make it look nicer in the living room.

Next project - our bedroom.


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