Saturday, October 01, 2005

Getting All Political Up In Here…

Prepare for a tirade.

What has happened to my party, the Democrats? When has it gotten so evil to be called a Liberal? As if all liberals believe in slaughtering children and mass orgies or something. I have fought the majority of my adult life defending my stance that one persons rights are just as important as all of our rights – that the working man needs to be protected, that big business can crush the small shop, and women deserve equal rights to men in all things. Add to that the Gay Rights issue and I have been a loyal Democrat my entire life.

I think Clinton was a great president, I think Bush I and Bush II are not, and I happen to like a lot of things about Hilary. That’s okay, it’s just my personal opinion. I’m against tax breaks for the wealthy - even though most people say it creates jobs. (It doesn’t. It creates yachts and European vacations, not jobs.). I believe that women should have the right to an abortion up until the third trimester. I believe in the right to die. I also believe in the right to live the way you want to without government interference - unless you intend or have hurt another human being.

I believe in unions. I believe in the right to work. I don’t believe in welfare for long periods of time, but if you need help, there should be someplace for you to go. I believe in non-profits that truly help our people. I believe in animal rights and punishment for those who abuse them, children or the elderly.

Yes, I believe in the death penalty – but in very, very select circumstances. I don’t think our current system is up to par in that area. I would rather 100 guilty go free than one innocent to die.

I believe in free education. I believe in health care for all. I believe in limited immigration – within our capacity to support – and a well documented system of immigration.

Two men and two women who commit to one another should be given the same legal rights as a man and a woman. I don’t care if you call it marriage or a civil union, but their rights and property are just as valuable, regardless of their sexual orientation. I also believe they should pay the same amount of taxes as married couple – and be subjected to the same divorce law and child custody arrangements.

I believe in securing our country and training our soldiers and the power of our military. I don’t believe they should be sent overseas unless another country has asked us for help or there is imminent danger to us. And boy howdy, you had better prove to me that there is imminent danger or you, as President, should be impeached.

Pretty solid, right? Nothing really extreme.

Then I hear this – the ACLU won a lawsuit that forced the Federal Government to release more pictures of Abu Ghraib detainees being abused.

See, this is what I just don’t agree with.

We know there was abuse at Abu Ghraib. We know this because we are taking action against the soldiers that did it. The Government Agencies who are taking action are the only ones who need to see these pictures. These pictures are propaganda against the US. Period. These pictures, now that they are public, will be used to recruit more supporters to the insurgents. Don’t doubt it – the Japanese and the Germans did the same thing during WWII. It’s military strategy at it’s finest. “See, see – look at those infidels! They abuse our countrymen! Die for Allah!”

No, don’t get me wrong, I am not pro-Iraqi war. But I also know that we cannot just simply “leave” now that we have caused this chaos. We have to settle the country down to rule itself. The question as to whether or not we should even be there is irrelevant now. We are there, and cannot leave until they have a government in place – since we took down their other one.

So, with that aside, what IDIOT LIBERAL FEDERAL JUDGE decided it was a good idea to release even more pictures of what we already know, to inflame and enrage more insurgents, while our soldiers are STILL THERE? What point, what good, did the ACLU do by forcing the release of these pictures when the only result could be more harm to our armed brothers and sisters in Iraq? These are pictures during Wartime, folks. These should remain classified.

I understand the need for information in a free country. I do. I am a former journalist who sued her college for the release of crime victim information, which is the right of the press. HOWEVER, during war time, there are certain pieces of information (especially those which would no doubt seed the enemy) that should be kept classified until after our troops are home.

Why don't we hand out maps and strategies and positions of our troops and call it a day?

I feel betrayed by the ACLU. I feel that the ACLU has been hijacked by ultra liberal idiots who think that anyone should have the right to do anything whatsoever. I hate to remind them, we do NOT live in a democracy – we live in a republic. Majority rules – as long as the individual rights and liberties are protected. The ACLU takes every cause as a worthy one – its’ teeth don’t sink like they used to.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being a lawyer for the ACLU – protecting the rights of Americans. Now, all they seem to be doing is Republican-bashing. Where are the cases of women being sexually harassed? What about workplace fairness (and I mean real fairness, not “cater to the pansies” fairness)? No, the ACLU is defending a violent convicts right to have her 13th baby in prison.

I love the ACLU – the ACLU of yesteryear – who stood up for us, who was the lone gun against big business and an uncaring repressive government. It’s almost as if they have run out of causes, so they find causes nowadays.

My father always said “Pick your battles carefully.” The ACLU is finished picking their battles for the common good. They take everything, therefore, they mean nothing.

Shame on you, ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero. Shame U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein who ruled in their favor. If one of our soldiers dies because of your unnecessary “need to know”, I hope you are tried for crimes against the American people.


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