Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cranberry Orange Bagels and Schmear

It’s my Monday. Luckily for me, when I came into work today, I was treated to bagels and fruit for breakfast. Good thing I didn’t eat my ClifBar before I came to work, so I could enjoy all the carbs offered without guilt.

What a week – month – this has been! I’ll give you the basic run down.

  • Mom is doing okay. She is home, safe, and recouperating. She has a slight infection, but it should clear up soon. She’s hurtin’ pretty bad. I wish there was something I could do to alleviate her pain.

  • I got a cold. A real annoying one. I can be fine, then the next day, I feel like I am dying. It comes back for a couple of days and then leaves. I know it has something to do with the weather, but it is so annoying!

  • Hell Froze Over – Lorene and Dylan got married. It was beautiful, simple, and perfect. I don’t know many people who walk down the aisle to Metallica (“Nothing Else Matters” performed by 4 cellos – Gorgeous), but it was perfect for the two of them. She even wore white, to the astonishment of us all. (just kidding, Lorene)
    I think Dylan's vows had everyone crying - and laughing - and they were perfect. Lorene's were eloquent and beautiful. I think my favorite part of the ceremony was when the overcast clouds we were so worried about parted to reveal the sun right as they were exchanging their vows. It was moving.
    I took pictures – oh, yes, I took pictures – and I will post some of the best ones on here. Toni’s gratuitous boob shot, Shane demonstrating how to grab someone’s butt, Dylan looking evil as he was holding a piece of wedding cake. Oh, yes. I captured it all!
    Thanks to Lorene and Dylan for asking us to participate by greeting their guests at the book and gift table. We were honored.
  • Onto the next wedding, Summer and Karen, this Saturday. Poor dears – their cake lady backed out on them, so I called the bakery who did Dylan and Lorene’s cake and they will do an emergency cake for me. How WONDERFUL! Talk about service and style – these guys have it all. Of course, it won’t be HUGE like Lorene’s but it is perfect – exactly what they wanted – maybe even a little more stylish! Lindi and I are buying their cake for them as a wedding present. They are on a tight budget and it's something we can do for them.

  • Sarah has been given the opportunity to study abroad for part of her Senior year. We are excited and a little scared, but we think it's an amazing opportunity for her, so we support it. We may be having a fundraiser to get her there, but that's okay!

  • Looks like I will have to cancel my trip to San Fran for October. I knew this might happen when I changed jobs, but it's really true now. I love my job, I feel so valued and don't dread coming into work. I am still at 100% Member Satisfaction and 100% in Quality, so I am good on that front. eBay is the bomb.

  • October 1st, Lindi and I are smoke free. We have the patches and are gonna do it. All I need to do is think about my mother on a respirator to remember the feeling I had - that I never wanted to see Lindi that way, and certianly not for her to see me that way, either. We will do it!

    Well, that sounds about right. Back to the flow. Leave me a message and I will get right back to you!


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