Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happiness Is...

The Lovely Dana over at Pretty Purple Princess issued a challenge back on August 1st. Basically, it was to find something each and every day that means happiness to you.

I have been a slackard. It's the 10th and here I am with my first post. I guess that means I have to do 10 just to start.

Deep breath.

Okay, here goes.

1. Happiness is... reaching down in your pocket and finding the exact amount of change you need for the ice cold Diet Coke you've been craving all day.

2. Happiness is... waking up with enough rest to get through the day yet not so much you feel like being lazy.

3. Happiness is... Cleaning off your desk to finish out your employment and thinking about the impact you have had on the people you work with, work for, and yourself... realizing how far you've come.

4. Happiness is... the smell of a pear candle.

5. Happiness is... a co-worker telling you "I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you when I did. You saved my life." And for her to truly mean it.

6. Happiness is... Gladware. Love the Gladware.

7. Happiness is... a clean slate and new opportunities.

8. Happiness is... not having to "work" at a friendship. Just knowing... always knowing.. that she's there for you no mater what.

9. Happiness is... 37 months today, I met my wife. She changed my life.

10. Happiness is... being able to make people smile.


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