Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sorry it's taken me so long to blog... it's been a whirlwind here at work. I started my new training at eBay on Monday, and this company is much much more than I ever expected. The values system and the way they treat not only their employees but how they strive to treat their members is incredible. I know I've made the right decision, even if it is a temporary cut in pay, to come here. Plus, being able to see Chet every day is a bonus! :)

The people in my training class are pretty cool. I've met a couple people I hope to stay in contact with - Corrine and Justin. Corrine RAWKS! (ha ha) sorry. She's in a band, has purple hair, plays guitar and piano and is just a cool person. Justin is "family," a massage therapist and has a quirky sense of humor, which is fun to be around.

Things are pretty good around the home front. Sarah and Lindi are working and the cats are healthy. I can't say there is a lot to report, other than we are doing well.

I will try and be more proactive on the Blogging. Until then, be safe and happy!


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