Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on My Mother - ICU

Mom came through the surgery okay, but had a bit of problem with her lungs. The surgeon discovered she has COPD which is a very serious lung disease caused by years of smoking. They were able to replace her aortic valve, and kept her sedated and on a breathing tube. She was touch and go through the night, but as of about 15 minutes ago, they removed the breathing tube and she was able to whisper the Lords Prayer with Father Matthew.
It looks like the worst is over for now. Mom is in the Critical Care unit. She can have limited visitors every couple of hours. She should be in a regular room (barring any further problems) tomorrow.  
Thank you for all your love and prayers.
Connie, Lindi and Family
PS: Yes, Lindi and I have set our smoking quit date of October 1st.


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