Friday, November 02, 2007

I have my first Wedding! YAY! The couple I met with a couple of weeks ago emailed me when they got back into town and told me they would love to have me officiate their wedding. I am completely thrilled, because I just love their energy and their outlook on life. I am so excited! We will schedule a time to meet once more, go over the ceremony and the suggestions I gave them and finalize the contract. Whoot!

Tonight is going to be fun as well, I am taking my wife on a date to a movie, and then probably endless shrimp at Red Lobster. She’s been craving it since last night.

My dad took his Expedition down to Dee at Advanced Auto Salon to have it detailed after the deer hunt and he could not have been more thrilled. She took such good care of him and his vehicle was to die for when she was finished with it. I tell ya, the girl knows her stuff. THANKS DEE!

Not much to update today, just doing really well… releasing the spiritual and emotional toxins is hard work! But I am so blessed with the positive people who surround me now, and their love and support.

"Live your life with Hope in your eyes, Kindness in your heart, and Fire in your soul, and all regrets will be left behind" - S. Martinak


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