Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Lazy Morning

It's the Fourth of July! And I am here, in my pj's writing blogs! Whut Whoo!! Actually, I spent the morning shopping for CD's online (bought 8...but, hey, 6 were free) and realized I am not as diverse in my tastes as I previously thought. Either that, or I need a Diet Coke. The choices were mostly to "fill in" the holes in my CD collection.

Some of Connie's items today included 2 of Melissa Etheridge's albums I did not previously have on CD, one Tori Amos, one Sarah Mclaughlin, the Corrs latest, Eiffel 65 (for Grace, she really digs on that Blue song, Jennifer Lopez (shut up, Dylan), and Pink. I really wanted the soundtrack to Tomb Raider, but, alas, it's not there. I wanted to get Moulin Rouge soundtrack for Gracie, but it also wasn't there. That's the only problem with online stores vs Media Play.

The one I joined, BMG, is one of the better ones. I am happy. Except I forgot to respond to one of the "Featured Selections" in time (my work firewall won't let me thru and since my home computer was down...). So, now I get the pleasure of owning Shaggy's Hot Shot. Yeah. Anyone want it? I'll give it to you!!!


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