Monday, June 02, 2003

Catching Up...

First of all... THANK YOU to TONI & ROB for the wonderful Meat Fest on the 24th. I can't say how much fun the 3 of us had basking in Rob's incredible teriyaki and loving the conversations going on in all directions. While time changes, our friendships grow stronger, and I am blessed with all of you.

This weekend was incredible! Sarah was confirmed in the Catholic Church on Saturday, and the mass was beautiful and moving. Lindi and I traded time in the "Blubbering Box" while watching her. Lindi gave her the most beautiful Amethyst Rosary and I gave her a Sterling Silver Holy Spirit medallion, which she loved. It was also wonderful because she got to meet the Bishop of the SLC Archdiocese. She was confirmed with Michael Stockton, son of John Stockton, who was late to his own sons confirmation! That's okay, we forgive him... Dinner at The Spaghetti Factory and an evening of movies rounded out a great day for everyone... except Lindi who had to wake up at 4 to be into work at 5. That's okay, she let me sleep in...

My Dad is heading to Oregon tomorrow for 2 weeks of deep sea fishing with my brother, and can I say how jealous I am? I love Oregon, and have been craving the sea something fierce. Soon, I am sure.

Wedding plans are starting to come together. Goals for this month: Secure the photographer and minister and pickout/order the invitations. We decided we wanted someone close to us to officiate, so I asked a special friend for the honor, to which she happily agreed, barring unforseen events. The photographer is a friend of Lindi's sister in law, Beth, and since she is wanting to expand her portfolio, she is willing to do the pictures for practically nothing, including the invitation pictures. Turns out, Amy, the photographer, used to play softball with Lindi's ex-wife Karen. Argh. The world is getting smaller. Next month will consist of wedding favors, wedding cake and clothing for my attendants. Little by little.

And how was YOUR weekend?


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