Friday, June 06, 2003


It's PRIDE weekend and I can't wait for the festivities. I have a bunch of friends who will be working the gathering, one who's co-ordinating a lot of it, one who in charge of the entertainment as manager of some of the bands playing, and I am so happy to be out and proud with my friends. I am also very happy straight-but-not-narrow Jennifer will be joining us this year, and hopefully, we will see Toni & Rob there. With our shirts, we will be stylin'! Lindi and I will be joined at the hip this weekend, with Ms Sarah spending time with Jan overnight tonight and leaving for Nebraska on Sunday morning, it will be good to be close with the one I love!

Tonight I have an eye appointment to get new contacts and spare glasses. I don't want to hide behind my glasses anymore, and I certianly don't want glasses for the wedding. Lindi hasn't seen me without glasses - she's gonna be blown away. I am very proud of my ever-changing eyes, I think they are my best feature.

Lorene, Jenn, Steph... the world goes on, and with it, I am stronger. From this, as everything, I will learn and grow. I will not succumb to anger, for I AM BLESSED with a true love and friendship unconditional. This morning is a wonderful morning and each day to come with be amazing, for I am blessed with an open heart and a learning mind. I thank God for you, and am grateful to have you in my life.


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