Friday, June 13, 2003

We're Here, We're Queer...Where the Hell Were You??

Pride was wonderful. We ran into just about everyone we could imagine and I was able to catch up with Jason Dimick, who was in town visiting Mom. He looks so wonderful, San Fran really agrees with him! Jennifer walked with us for about an hour and then we caught Jason, and walked some more, then hung out under a tree with some friends. Relaxing, tiring, a sunburn waiting to happen, but a wonderful Sunday none-the-less.

Saturday was quite fun, too, heading to the Moon for Lisa's b-day. Highlights, accidentally molesting a girl who I thought I knew... but was a complete stranger, Lindi finally meeting lap-dance Kelly, and watched Kelly flirt with me outrageously right in front of her... jell-o shots of a straight girl's belly - and from what Lindi said, straight girl could have been easily converted after I was done with her - apparently her eyes rolled back in her head. Hey when you got it, you got it! A great time, not too much booze and time with my girl.

We ordered our personalize matchbooks, cake knife and server, and bubbles for the wedding. Lindi wanted bubbles. I am okay with that. This month, I am buying the rest of my clothing, paying of my dress, and getting my attendants together to look at clothing. I need to get fitted, too. Argh. Oh, and we are ordering the invites, too. Next month will be pictures and flowers and cake!!


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