Thursday, February 19, 2004

And, for a laugh:
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For your giggling pleasure, I present to you ...
The Searches that referred readers to My Blog:

connie lingus goddess (Google) 2
Virgo the Goddess (Google) 2
sheet music india arie print i am ready for love (Google) 2
Tieras for brides (MSN) 1
sexy paris hilton -tape -video (Google) 1
tuscany grill jessa (Yahoo) 1
virgo chronicles (Google) 1
Juliette Adam (Google) 1
virgo man 2004 (Yahoo) 1
nicoles bosom (Google) 1
oh no the blog (Google) 1
virgo english the virgo child the virgo man virgo woman (Google) 1
virgo goddess (Google) 1
wedding tieras with real flowers (MSN) 1
aileen wuornos natal chart (Google) 1
wuornos geneology (Google) 1
Aileen Wuornos natal chart (Yahoo) 1
angelina jolie virgo (Yahoo) 1
bald lezzers (MSN) 1 - now THIS one made me laugh
connie lingus (Google) 1


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